Ben Lane’s Reviews is Now FORTRESS OF FILM!

These are dark times, there’s no denying. Recently I have discovered and been informed that my website URL ( for almost three years), is a bit… well, pretentious. And while I’m certainly aware that I am far from the most famous film critic, I understand that plastering my name everywhere around the article (Twitter links, author bio, writer credit) is enough marketing for myself, and there really is no reason for my site to be called Ben Lane’s Reviews.


When I first started writing about movies on here, I was seventeen years old, having just experienced the beauty of Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises (still a better film than The Dark Knight by the way) and realizing that writing about movies is what I want to do. Years later, I’m twenty-one, writing stories (none to be published yet), seeing loads of film, and making my way through life with a full-time job that doesn’t involve movies, but still very much enjoying my hobby as if it were the first day I fell in love with it. I’ve grown older since my younger days of writing, and have, as expected, matured as a writer, every review I write being more than a simple, “Here’s why I liked this movie okay bye” kind of articles I used to write (which I have left up on my site as a reminder of the folly of my youth.

Still, being older and wiser and filled with more experience, I am only twenty-one, which I realize is still very young in the grand scheme of life (still but a breath in the grand scheme of the universe), and so this is not an article in which I tell you of how I am leaving the writing game; instead, quite the contrary!

This year has been a slow year for writing and I’m not entirely sure I have an excuse. I know a certain number of you read my articles and for that I am very grateful, but of my followers on Twitter, I’m not sure of how many will actually take the time to read an article every time I post one.

Still, writing is good for the soul, right? And that is why I am here to announce that Ben Lane’s Reviews is now FORTRESS OF FILM, a site title I have been experimenting with on my site for months but haven’t actually made the move to change the domain name. So, for those that are still with me, here’s what this change means, and what it doesn’t.


This title change is an easier way for me to get readers (someone is far more likely to click on a link to a site that is called FORTRESS OF FILM as opposed to some random schmuck’s reviews).


It does not mean that anything other than the title has changed. Every article I’ve ever written is still available to read, even though it must be noted that if you click on a link outside of the site itself that says something like, say,, it will not redirect you to the new domain (I did away with the old domain completely). But if you go to FORTRESS OF FILM and type in the title of the film or article, it will still come up for your viewing pleasure.

The only thing I can say will change is the amount of content. This year has been slow, as stated, but I am really planning on upping the amount of content I create for you guys. More film reviews, as usual, but I think I may begin to do something different. Instead of going out every weekend to see nearly every new release and then reviewing them (which I have been doing for years), I’m considering ending that, to an extent, and going back and writing about older movies. Maybe classic cinema, maybe recently released, but films that I actually care about writing about instead of films I only feel obligated to write about.

If you’re still with me, tweet at me or comment here and let me know if you would like to see analyses of older films with still some new reviews or just all new reviews. I’m curious to hear what you guys have to say.

Finally, concerning stars. This has been an issue ever since I started writing reviews: trying to figure out just how the hell I wanted to rate movies. Most people use a five-star system (or a 1-10 scale), some use four-stars, and some use no stars. For the past year, I’ve used no system at all, but would like to know how you guys prefer your rating systems. I, myself, love the four-star scale, if only because I grew up reading the late Roger Ebert’s reviews. I feel like using the four-star scale would set FORTRESS OF FILM apart from the rest, but I also feel as if no reader really likes a four-star scale.

So please, if you’re reading this, tweet me or comment and let me know which rating system you prefer (or lack thereof).

I think that does it! Ben Lane’s Reviews is now located at, and I can’t wait for you guys to see what kind of content is coming your way!

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  1. I always enjoy your reviews. I think there are some older films on need of another look. Funny People, Leslie Veron, Signs, and Grosse Point Blank. Just to name a few. Any way I look forward to your new reviews. Stay Gold Pony Boy.

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