MOONWALKERS Review: One Small Step for Rupert Grint



Well, I certainly wanted to love this movie. I mean, not only am I obsessed with Stanley Kubrick and the whole moon landing situation, but rarely ever do I get to see that put on the screen. Not to mention the fact that Rupert Grint is in a movie (I would even pay to see him in a movie) and Ron Perlman is a magnificent screen presence. Unfortunately, not even Hellboy and Ron teaming up can save this movie from imploding after its pretty good first act.

The necessary ingredients for a good movie are here, but very little of it meshes well. I liked the setup, but its when the script goes into cliched notorious-bad-guys-stole-the-briefcase-and-we-have-to-get-it-back territory that it lost me. Don’t get me wrong; I’m always down to see Ron Perlman punching people in the face, but his actions here didn’t really convince me that he was a CIA agent (I don’t claim to know what CIA agents do in the dark, but I don’t think they shoot people’s faces off for no good reason).

That’s another real issue. The violence is very little but over the top. I wasn’t exaggerating when I said “shoot people’s faces off.” Bullets fly and heads explode. I’m all for that kinda stuff, but not in a small little flick like this that doesn’t seemed concerned with its depiction of violence.

Rupert Grint is fine, but his role doesn’t ask too much of him. There’s nothing about his character that stands out from Ron Weasley, but I’ve always found Grint to be a charming presence and I can’t wait to see what he does next (and I did like watching him in this movie, even if the role doesn’t require much versatility).

I liked it for a while, then there were scenes that I didn’t like at all, and then it kept doing that repeatedly, eventually becoming painstakingly over-the-top, all leading up to the climax which results in an unbelievably unnecessary shootout that made me wonder just why the hell they had to have a shootout other than to use some more of the budget on a shootout.

It’s a mess, but it is kinda fun I guess. It has its moments and I laughed a few times, but the characterization is very poor and the script is so ludicrous you’ll wonder if the writer Dean Craig (of theDeath at a Funeral movies) was on some of the shrooms stoner character Leon was on in the film. But it won’t matter too much. It’s perfectly passable fare, but you won’t be thinking about it as much as you should think about a comedy about the moon landing.

Let me know your thoughts!

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