THE WITCH Review: A Remarkable and Disturbingly Cold Puritanical Tale of Terror


The Witch is one of the most impressive and expertly crafted horror films I’ve ever seen from a first time director. Robert Eggers, daring us to keep watching, takes his sweet time with his debut feature, building up tension by initiating small conversations and sometimes letting them go nowhere.

But we never feel betrayed. No, Eggers keeps us on board, letting us know not even ten minutes into the film that yes, there is indeed a witch in the movie. The only question we ask ourselves is, “Who is it??”

This is a very slow moving picture with no fast paced scenes whatsoever, so if you’re expecting a jumpscare-a-minuteParanormal Activity like flick, you’re going to hate (and I mean HATE) The Witch .

But for those of us that see horror as an art form, this is a brilliant piece of work that is impeccably crafted (no pun intended).

The performances are stellar, the script is wonderful (Eggers stays true to the 1600s-setting and I loved every bit of it), the score is haunting, and the cinematography is appropriately bleak and unsettling.

This is a horror movie for people who don’t need scares every second. There isn’t a jumpscare to be found in The Witch . Instead, Eggers crawls under your skin with coldness, and the payoff in the final few moments is disturbing, and it’s an ending that will stick with you.

It’s a remarkable piece of indie, arthouse horror that you shouldn’t dare to miss.

One comment

  1. It’s a very freaky movie. One I particularly won’t see again, but not because it was bad – it was just too miserable to sit through. Nice review Ben.

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