‘Suicide Squad’ Comic-Con First Look – Trailer Review/Analysis

Around an hour ago, David Ayer, director of the upcoming film Suicide Squad, sent out some odd tweets concerning the leaking of the Comic-Con footage of his movie. Now, keeping in mind his humorous comments at the event this past weekend concerning the set photo leaks in Toronto, it isn’t surprising that Ayer’s comments concerning the trailer leak were, as opposed to being of an angry nature, kind of quite humble. So, Ayer, knowing fully well how the internet works and how modern social media exposes anything and everything of interest to the public eye, tweeted out the three-minute plus trailer in its full HD glory. So, let’s talk about it.

Screen Shot 2015-07-13 at 5.07.26 PM

DC is making a big move by making a movie about a group of virtually unknown supervillains (Harley Quinn and Joker are really the only ones the general public will recognize), but they seem to be confident with the material. One of the reasons this could sit over well with the public is that the cast is made up of a few big stars. The main one is Will Smith, who is sure to be a conversation starter for those who have no idea who (or what) the Suicide Squad is. I can already see these people sitting in the theater and throwing their fingers to the screen and talking about how we don’t a movie promoting suicide (these people will probably be over the age of sixty). But Smith will ease the tension, I’m sure of it.

As for those of us who are familiar with the source material, this movie looks like a wealth of good, bad, twisted fun. When the trailer strangely opens with a shot of Amanda Waller (who I’m convinced will be played with great skill by Viola Davis), we get the Warner Bros. Pictures logo along with the DC logo, both of which tick clockwise in a creepy yet cool fashion that feels a bit like the ticking of the logos in the trailer for Pan. It’s interesting to note that Amanda mentions Superman being a potential gateway for these villains to “creep back into the shadows.” This isn’t the first time the trailer shows us how this film is tying into the other movies in the DCCU.

As Amanda explains to two gentlemen what her plans are, we are finally introduced to her team. Harley is first up, dangling upside down in her cell and stretching out like a crazy ballerina whose world has become inverted. Speaking of Quinn, many people are divided on just where Ayer seems to be going with this character. It’s been clear since the beginning of production (and by “beginning of production” I mean since the set photos started leaking) that this take on Harley is one with the same sassy attitude that made her a hit in the comic-book world.

Clearly the main star of the film, Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn is what every fan is looking forward to the most (or maybe second, or maybe even third, but we’ll talk about those points shortly). Even though isn’t as down-to-earth as Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy, this is still going to be a gritty movie by a gritty filmmaker about gritty characters who live in a gritty world. Harley is one of those characters. This isn’t the Harley from the comics (the mask is lacking, but who cares?), but Margot Robbie, who wowed us all in Martin Scorsese’s masterpiece The Wolf of Wall Street seems to be a tight fit for the role of the Clown Prince’s trusted sidekick/servant/sex-partner thingy. All I can is, when she pretends her baseball bat is a shotgun, or when she gives Joker that seductive bite in the passenger seat of his car, or when she licks the bar in her jail cell, I felt, in those moments, I had found true love.

suicide squad

And speaking of the Clown Prince, we finally got our first official look at Jared Leto as the Joker in action, with Harley (and Jai Cortney’s Captain Boomerang) giving him a warm introduction. When I first heard the laugh (thank god we got to finally hear Leto’s laugh!), I thought it sounded very much like a mix between an old maniac and William Dafoe’s Green Goblin. And after watching the trailer five times (and the Joker bits around ten to fifteen times), I’m sold on the laugh. The tattoos are there, and we’re just going to have to get used to that. After all, this is a movie by David Ayer, who has made only R-rated crime related movies with hard R material. Also, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen an incarnation of the Joker with tattoos (see Jim Lee’s art for All-Star Batman & Robin). When the Joker says, “Oh no I’m not gonna kill ya… I’m just gonna hurt ya. Really, really bad,” I get chills. No one may ever be as good or convincing as Heath Ledger, but Leto and Ayer are working together to make this an iconic and conversation-starting incarnation.


The rest of the Squad is there, too, although none are guaranteed to spark up online conversations and debates quite like the two main ones, but I should mention them since I’m rambling about it anyway. As stated, Will Smith is a leading man, and I’m not against him as Deadshot, but I do think that two of his lines are the worst in the trailer. First, there’s the “We’re like some kind of suicide squad,” that may end up feeling too forced in the final result of the film. Then there’s the too obvious “Let’s go save the world!” which also feels like too much of a “Hey, let’s band together at the cinema and root for the bad guys because they’re actually good because they’re going to save the world!” kind of thing. Still, I think Smith is a good leading man, and it’s going to be cool to see him interacting with Margot Robbie after seeing the two of them working together in the recent con-artist film Focus, which I liked.

I’m also worried about Jai Courtney, who has been dubbed (and don’t quote me on this), one of the blandest actors working today. The main just isn’t very good (see my review for Terminator Genisys), and when we’re talking about a character by the name of Captain Boomerang, we may just need a little good to get us on board. Also, there is some really awesome footage of Killer Croc, who has finally received his big screen vision with style. He looks terrific, and I can’t wait to see how the insanity of this movie places his insanely unbelievable character in a believable state.

Before I end this, I want to mention a few other things. This trailer features a scene halfway through with a girl strapped to a bed, being operated on (or presumably tortured) by Joker. Some have speculated that this is Jason Todd and that the Joker is killing him, but this can’t possibly be the case. It’s clear that the final scene in which Joker says, “I’m not gonna kill ya,” he is talking to the same person as in this scene. It’s also clear that it’s a girl. So, who is it? The two main possibilities are a.) Harleene Quinzel, a psychiatrist at Arkham who falls in love with Joker and becomes Harley Quinn and b.) Enchantress, played in the film by Cara Delevingne (who will be in the upcoming Paper Towns. It’s hard to say at the moment which is true, but I’m leaning toward Enchantress.

Speaking of Enchantress, we got a pretty dark look at her character in this film as we saw her sitting in a pool of water with a pentagram painted on the wall behind her, giving us a hint of the dark magic and sorcery associated with her character. Much like the Marvel Cinematic Universe, this set of films seems to be jumping right into the supernatural, which I’m curious to see unfold.


Finally, we got to see a shot from that infamous chase sequence filmed in Toronto. Joker’s bright pink sports car is speeding through the streets of Toronto (Gotham?) with Batman (played by Ben Affleck, in his lush and immeasurably beautiful Batsuit) on the roof. There is another interesting scene with a man holding a gun and a ski mask on his head that is designed to look like Batman, but this is the only shot where we see Batman himself. If the movie is anything like Assault on Arkham, we’ll only see a little bit of Batman, and that’s perfectly fine. But seeing Batman chase the Joker through the streets is something I’m dying to see.

Check the trailer out for yourself!

Let me know your thoughts!

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