Hannibal: “Futamono” – TV Review

By Ben Lane



Alright everyone, just keep calm. Actually, you know what, let it loose. The final moment of tonight’s episode of Hannibal was such an unexpected twist that it’s acceptable to get excited. The same effect can be had with the rest of the episode. “Futamono” is further evidence that Hannibal is that rare show that continues to get better. And the tone was set right from the start as we opened with Hannibal playing the piano calmly and fluently. It may have seemed out of place at the time, but knowing Hannibal, everything always means something, as we learn later. The opening conversation between Jack and Hannibal was excellent as Hannibal explains to Jack that because of his near death experience he feels he is getting too close to Will and wants to distance himself from not only Will, but also Jack and the entire investigation of the Chesapeake Ripper. Which may have been intended to draw Jack’s attention away from the accusations of his guilt in the murders, but only peaks his interest even more. Especially when Chilton records Gideon talking to Will about his being inside Hannibal’s home, which later, face to face with Jack, he denies, blaming it on Chilton.

On the opposite end of the situation is Alana, making it known with force that Hannibal is not the Chesapeake Ripper. It’s a bit rough to watch her in this show because you know she has the most experience with Hannibal as a person so she is so easy to be manipulated by him, as we see will sadly happen later in the episode. Hannibal has a great line of “I need to get my appetite back,” which is followed by his selecting a random victim to kill, only to have an absolutely beautiful representation of what this show does right as we see flowers bloom in Hannibal’s eyes and a montage of different flowers come across the screen. It’s beautiful, until the camera pulls away and we see Tree Man, Hannibal’s latest victim, who has been rooted with a tree so the vines grow within him. And let’s not forget the intestines removed and replaced with flowers. Hannibal a sick bastard.

We see Will Graham in his cell, antlers emerging above him, indicating only one possible thing to come. “Hello, Hannibal,” Graham says. And what follows is a bone chilling conversation between the two. Hannibal practically states his guilt to Will, whilst saying he will hurt people close to him since Will found a way to hurt him, specifying Alana Bloom. It’s one of the few times so far in the series where Hannibal is deliberately appalling and frightening on screen.


As Will tells Jack early on in the episode, Hannibal eats his victims, evidenced by Hannibal’s always throwing a dinner party around the time of the deaths. Hannibal tells Jack he wants to distance himself from everything whilst inviting Jack to a dinner party. This makes another strong case for Jack’s spark of suspicion of Hannibal. I must say that this episode was a great example of how this show makes the food look delicious. Sure, we know Hannibal is cooking his victims, but my god, the way they film these kitchen scenes is extraordinary. The shot of Hannibal leaning on the table with all his work in front of him for the party slapped a giant smile on my face. However, when the dinner scene comes along, things get serious. It was predictable that Jack wouldn’t find out Hannibal is cannibalistic by sampling food from the party, so I don’t quite understand why he did that, let alone asked Hannibal for permission, but something incredibly sick does come from the dinner party scene…

Hannibal has an intimate moment with Alana after the party. But of course this isn’t what you would want. After sleeping with her, Hannibal gets up and grabs a towel. With his statements to Will in mind, I was honestly expecting him to kill her right there. But he doesn’t. He does something worse. He leaves, kidnaps Gideon from the hospital (where those guards threw him over the rail for accusing Chilton in front of Jack) and kills Gideon’s guard, hanging his body upside down from Gideon’s room, organs removed. Then goes home and makes Gideon eat his own leg. Cooked of course. Sick. Bastard. So why is this worse than killing Alana? Because he used her. Alana has known Hannibal for years, and he only slept with her so he could have a witness that he was home all night when questioned by Jack the next day. Hannibal is truly abhorrent.

But of course, the final moments of “Futamono” are the most riveting as Jack goes to the building indicated by the evidence in the fishhooks and finds Miriam alive! I don’t think anyone expected that, even though there never was any solid evidence that she was dead. The same goes for Abigail. Who knows what this show is going to bring us next? All I can say is I’m glad I’m watching.

FINAL THOUGHTS: “Futamono” is another strong episode in the excellent Hannibal. It features some of the show’s signature gross out kills, smart writing, expert direction, and a cliffhanger that practically defines the word. I can’t wait till next week!

9 / 10

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