“Quantum of Solice”- Movie Review by Ben Lane

In 2006, “Casino Royale” was released to major critical acclaim, some even dubbing it the best Bond film ever. I personally agree with that, and I agree that Daniel Craig is the best Bond ever put to screen. After the massive hit that was “Casino Royale,” we now have the much anticipated sequel: “Quantum of Solice.”

“Quantum of Solice” was released in 2008, and it took a hard hit from critics. Perhaps it was the fact that its immediate predecessor was incomparably good; or maybe it just sucked that much. I personally am mixed on the issue. I will state this: I do like this film. But I do not love it, and I certainly do not like more than “Royale.”

Daniel Craig, for one, gave us the best Bond ever in “Royale,” and even though he reprises the role in “Solice,” it seems like he gave up a little heart. In the first film, every twitch of his face made you feel some kind of emotion for his character and it was completely memorable. In this film, however, I just didn’t feel it. I’m not saying he gave a bad performance; in fact, I have never seen Craig give a bad performace. All I am saying is that he didn’t put in as much heart as he needed to. Also, the main antagonists in the film were simply not intimidating. In “Royale,” I really liked the intimidation by all the villianous characters; I just felt no danger from the ones in “Solice.” Judi Dench, who I really liked in the first film, gives another good performance in this film, however, creating a likeable aspect of the film.

The music by David Arnold is good in the film, and the direction is fine as well, but he thing I liked most about this film was the action sequences. The fight scenes between Bond and his opponents made me wince a couple times, and they were definetely well acted.

All in all, I think this is a decent movie, but nowhere near the greatness of “Casino Royale.” It offers plenty of good action sequences, some good music, and good direction, but suffers from poor character development, a lopsided script, and heartless performances.

Grade: C

Run Time: 106 mins

Rated: PG-13 for intense sequences of violence and action, and some sexual content

Let me know your thoughts!

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