“Casino Royale”- Movie Review by Ben Lane

In 2006, the “James Bond” movie franchise took a very interesting, yet hopeful turn when it was announced it would be rebooted. New director, new actor, new screenwriter, the whole nine yards. They named it “Casino Royale,” based on the novel, and so we have our movie.

Now I personally have never been a James Bond fan. I mean yeah I think the guy is awesome, but I just never grew up watching the films or reading the books. That being said, I have seen clips of James Bond with Sean Connery and some other actors, and although it was cool, I think they all became a little corny. Which, back then, corny was cool. Not today. And this film recognizes that.

First off, let me say this: this review is WAY overdue. Obviously the film came out six years ago, but I decided that since “Skyfall” released this year, I might as well watch the first two and review them. And now I will get into the review.

This is one of my favorite movies of all time. Daniel Craig is pure dynamite in this film, delivering us, the audience, explosive emotion following each physical hit. The side cast is great as well, but they don’t quite shine as much as 007. The screenplay for this film is very, very good, delivering plenty of twists and great dialogue. Martin Campbell’s direction is great, recognizing the nature of the characters and how they should be molded. The overall tone of this film is great for a 007 movie because, although it is funny, it’s not campy funny; it’s dark and serious.

Electrifying, suspenseful, and thrilling, “Casino Royale” is a fantastic reboot of the James Bond franchise, and even though it does have its flaws, it is one of my favorite movies.

Grade: A

Run time: 144 minutes

Rated: PG-13 for intense sequences of violent action, a scene of torture, sexual content, and nudity

Let me know your thoughts!

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